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Benefits At Every Level of Your Business?

The following are examples of how good customer service approaches and knowing your customer through systems such as CRM can help your business, whether online or bricks-and-mortar. Which examples and benefits can you relate to for your business?



   Operation example Benefit
Front line
Greeters, reservation counter or general staff can welcome a client by name, and refer to previous interactions (sale/service, etc.) “Hello Mr. Smith I see you purchased our green widget – would you like to see similar or complimentary products today or are you looking for something new?” Customers respond positively to staff who can relate to previous interactions between themselves and your brand.
Sales When trying to close a sale the salespeople can easily track sale progress, communications, sale status, next sales tasks/reminders, helpful history.  If the customer re-engages with sales and the account owner is not available, another staff person could easily adopt and close the sale.  “Hi Mr. Smith, I see that you were talking to John about the blue widget and he gave you an excellent quote, would you like me to order that now for you?” Sell more, and more easily.  Sales people are always on top of where sales are in the sales process, which reduces loss of a sales prospect.
Marketing Using CRM, social media and new technology, the marketing department can easily segment and personalise marketing. Newsletters, direct marketing, etc. “Hello Mr. Smith thank you for your recent blue widget purchase. As a token of our appreciation here is a coupon code for your next purchase…”.  Review the Online marketing section of this module. Segmented and focused market achieve better sales conversion rates. Marketing products with customer related tips, offers, etc. promote customer retention.
Customer service dept If customers have a question about a recent purchase, customer service staff should be able to see the customer sale history, any support tickets, etc. ” Hello Mr. Smith I see that you had asked Fred about new chrome for your blue widget and replacing a faulty wheel.  We have a wheel in stock now. When would you like to come in?  We can also review the chrome options online or while you are in store?” Immediate service makes for a positive customer experience to ensure that; 1. you keep the client, and 2. hopefully sell to them again, etc.
Accounting  Overview of an operations cash flow at the accounting department finger tips from pulling client invoices, vendor receivables, purchase trends, staff and product performance, etc.  “Hello Mr. Smith your last payment for the blue widget is overdue.” Saves time, money, reduces errors, provides data for better budgets, forecasting, etc.
Management Easy overview of all customer support and service related elements of business. “Hello Mr. Smith – I see you have upgraded to the new chrome package and I wanted to call personally to see how you like this new feature?” Customer “personal touch” achieved results in more engaged customers. Measure results of customer support and service, trends, staff/product performance and more. This allows management to make better decisions and hopefully grow revenues, increased customer relations, etc.
Product development  The customer service feedback loop should include product development. At a production meeting, customer service results and reviews can be used to guide product development. Product development that is user-centric creates an easier to sell product.
Legal   Diligent customer service and record-keeping is useful to the legal department as well. Good records of client interaction provide better foundation for legal cases.
How Can You Improve Aspects of Your B2B Business?
What does this mean ?  Why is this important? What are the benefits?
Customer confidence With the right support
customers, will be more
confident in their understanding
of your product value
and suitability.
Confident customers are more likely to convert from shopping to buying.  If they have to break away from your brand page to research elsewhere they may not return to buy.
Customer satisfaction  A customer that has a positive
experience with your brand
whether it is in a purchase,
research or other interaction.
Satisfied customers are more likely to repeat visits, share your brand, refer your products, and pay more for your products or services.
Staff capacity  Staff should be able to easily
provide good customer support
immediately and effectively.
Your staff is a main contributor to the customer experience. Giving staff tools to provide immediate and valuable customer service fosters good staff morale and positive customer experience.  Result – improved staff/customer retention and more sales.
Customer retention  Keep the customers you have
and support repeat purchases.
Every sale you do with a repeat customer makes you more profit. It takes marketing, education, time and money to gain a new customer.  If you can keep selling things to that same customer you make more $ since you are not investing in all the cost of “getting” him/her.
New customer acquisition   Your ability to attract new
customers to your brand.Give
your customers a positive
experience AND the tools to
easily share their experience
Word-of-mouth generated by your customers is cheap and extremely valuable.  New customers come with better product knowledge and confidence – often ready to buy.
Competitive advantage  Many customers choose which companies to buy from based on positive customer experience, a business with better service and support has an advantage over other companies. Improving and sharing your brand’s customer service will take customers away from companies not focused on delivering good support. This means you DO NOT necessarily have to compete on price, (which can also increase profits).