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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

mod-arrow Why Use Business-to-Business eSolutions?

B2B is about relationships and eSolutions can help discover, create, maintain and incur sales from those relationships at a greater volume and more effectively. This goes for social media mediums like LinkedIn for networking to using the right client management system (CRM) for maintenance.

In B2B the buyer generally has much more inherent risk in making a purchase than a regular retail customer. For a teen buying a new pair of earrings the wrong decision is a trial, for a buyer purchasing thousands of dollars’ worth of product for the company they work for … a wrong decision can negatively impact the company they work for and could cost them their job!

A B2C company will derive more value from brand-sentiment measurements like Facebook ‘likes,’ than a B2B company, for instance. For the latter, Facebook ‘likes’ may be totally irrelevant; a more qualitative approach is needed to highlight how to market, sell or engage with stakeholders.

In support of this, 93% of business buyers surveyed, stated that all companies should have a social media presence and 85% said that companies should interact and engage with them on social platforms. (Source: eConsultancy.com)


So what online marketing should B2B companies be focusing on?

Creative content and social media such as LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

LinkedIn is preferred by over 80% of surveyed B2B marketers and buyers. As personal trust and integrity are considered key for B2B relationships the ability of LinkedIn to show profiles/recommendations and industry networks around individuals and companies, makes it the most valued social media platform.

YouTube has been shown to be preferred by 63% plus of B2B purchasers and marketers, in regard to establishing product knowledge before deciding on a sale, making this a valuable channel. Additionally, imbedding YouTube videos in your website enhance your search optimisation efforts (Google owns YouTube).

eSolutions for retail B2B also include customer relationship management platforms (CRMs) as they also support the critical task of creating and managing a positive relationship between business liaisons. As relationships have been demonstrated as a critical success component of a B2B relationship, a CRM is a must-have for today’s B2B organisation.

What are the top 5 motivations for adopting B2B eSolutions?

Every company is different and will benefit from Business-to-Business eSolutions. However there are a few benefits that are common throughout all retail company types. They include:

  1. Saving money: Using eSolutions to make supply chains more effective, sales faster and agents more effective are just a few ways retailers can save money.
  2. Find new buyers/vendors: Using eSolutions like online marketing, social media, databases, can help your retail company find new buyers.
  3. Improve manufacturing: Retailers who also manufacture can benefit from the implementation of B2B best practices, lean models to improve sourcing their product suppliers and in turn delivering more effectively to the business who buy from them.
  4. Improve buyer experience: Having a positive customer service system, support process, restock / inventory system are a few examples of how eB2B supports a positive buyer experience.
  5. Increase sales capacity: Managing supply chain, customer service (CRM) and sales processes allow retailers to sell more.