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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

right-arrow-greyCase Study 1

“How technology has empowered retailers to do things differently”

Brian Walker, CEO and founder of the Retail Doctor Group, illustrates these trends in action through the following innovative retail examples:

  • Top3 by Design – Omni-channel retailing
  • Joe Button – Personalisation and customisation
  • Shoes of Prey – Personalisation and customisaton
  • Hointer – Mobile commerce

Case Study 1

Technology Enabled Retailing

right-arrow-greyCase Study 2

Mobile Retailing

Consumers can now purchase on the go, anywhere, at any time and they expect retailers to be there.

In this second case study for the NRA Digital Business Kits, Brian Walker, CEO and Founder of Retail Doctor Group shares the top trends in mobile retailing and how retailers around the world are implementing mobile retailing solutions.

  1. Near Field Communications
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Image Recognition
  4. Location Based Technology

Case Study 2

Mobile Retailing

right-arrow-greyCase Study 3

The New Supply Chain

As technology continues to influence every part of our lives, we as consumers are now accustomed to expecting immediate gratification for our actions. We expect immediate replies to our emails, immediate responses on social media, and shopping is no different. We want our purchase right here, right now. So retailers need to catch up.

In this case study, we share how some savvy retailers are finding new ways to provide convenience to shoppers by reworking the traditional supply chain.

Case Study 3

The New Supply Chain

right-arrow-greyCase Study 4

The Changing Customer

Enabled by technology, consumers today are dictating the changing rules of retail.

In this Digital Business Kit, Brian Walker, CEO and Founder of Retail Doctor Group takes a look at how retailers around the world are adapting their retail strategies through highly personalised store and digital experiences to engage with today’s tech-savvy market, and remain truly customer centric.

Case Study 4

The Changing Customer

right-arrow-grey Case Study 5

Young Retailer Nominees

Supporting the next generation of our business leaders is, we believe, a privilege and an honour, and a small part of putting back into our industry. In this video we explore our top video entrees from this year’s Young Retailer nominees.

The standard was incredibly high, and it was certainly a tough decision. Congratulations to all who were nominated and of course to this year’s NRA Young Retailer of the Year Medina Cicak.

Case Study 5

Young Retailer Nominees

right-arrow-grey Case Study 6

Gadget or Engagement? Integrating technology into your retail offer.

Is digital technology in our shops more about the sizzle than the substance? Is investment in digital technology really about the brand statement than the actual facilitation of the higher sales and margin improvement?

Retailers up and down our high streets are investing more than ever before in their digital retail offer, but do they truly consider the reason for bringing digital aspects into their store, or are they simply following the trend? As a small retailer how do you compete?
In this case study we reflect on the importance of engagement within your retail offer, and how small retailers can utilise technology in the most efficient and cost effective way for them.

Case Study 6

Gadget or Engagement? Integrating technology into your retail offer.

right-arrow-grey Case Study 7

Personalising the retail offer.

Retail Doctor Group explores retail’s big topics from the view point of small to medium retail businesses seeking practical how-to implementation advice. 

Case Study 7

Personalising the retail offer.

right-arrow-grey Case Study 8

Improve your retail sales in 20 minutes.

Are you truly maximising the shoppers who come into your store? We hate to say it, but probably not.

So many retailers today are getting distracted by the process of attracting new customers through marketing and promotion that they are forgetting to invest in the vital process of converting the sale and developing a loyal returning happy customer.

So where do you begin? Find out in this webinar.

Case Study 8

Improve your retail sales in 20 minutes.

right-arrow-grey Case Study 9

Retail Health Check 

Thanks for watching the latest ‘Digital Business Kit’ on ‘Bringing It All Together’ in partnership with the National Retail Association. Now it’s time to download the ‘Business Fitness’ Health Check to determine the role ‘digital’ may play in increasing your business fitness!

This document is a small sample of our fuller ‘Business Fitness™’ health check service, undertaken by hundreds of retailers across Australia. The simple scoring system from the health check will help you to determine your next steps on your journey to Business Fitness™.

Click the link to download: RDG DBK Retail Health Check

Happy ‘fit’ retailing!

Case Study 9

Retail Health Check

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