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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will understand how Cloud based services can address issues related to their businesses and help them achieve business goals. [printfriendly]

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Choosing a Cloud solution that fits your needs

One of the great advantages of Cloud computing is it’s easily scalable. You can start out small and easily adjust the size of your Cloud up or down as your business needs evolve. “Light, medium and heavy” are terms to describe how Cloud computing can be used sparingly or heavily deployed in a company.

Light Cloud

Build understanding & confidence in Cloud computing by starting with a smaller application to help with functions you do most or cost you the most time. You can take advantage of “freemium (free of cost)” products which are free less complex versions of systems which often work quite well for small business.

Examples include:

  • smartphones to relay communications and files
  • shared folders that reside on another server
  • data back-up
  • webmail



Medium Cloud

Medium deployment is defined as a mix of process and data that is optimised in the Cloud and other traditional solutions.

Typical tools & process include:

  • full office systems (CRM’s, accounting, sales etc)
  • VOIP systems (voice communications)
  • larger scale data backups and recovery systems
  • commerce systems



Heavy Cloud

Heavy deployment is ideal for companies that are already utilising high levels of software, data transfer, complex web based operations/ websites.

Typical tools include:

  • designated server environments
  • Cloud based operating platforms
  • different department applications