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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will identify the eBusiness strategies that are relevant to their business.[printfriendly]

mod-arrow Benefits

Doing business online and using eSolutions is increasingly important for any business to remain competitive in today’s world. Customers expect it and will adjust their shopping loyalties according to how well you can serve them. eBusiness also allows you to run your business more effectively, reach greater audiences and optimise the cost of doing business to increase revenues. See the varied examples below for general benefits, as well as in relation to the NRA Digital Business modules provided in this series.

Save Time

Using eSolutions in relation to how you do business or eBusiness will save time in every aspect of your business operation. This translates into dollar savings and/or time your staff can re-invest in higher value work. For example: If staff cut and paste information that clients send via email (or online order forms that go to email) into other programs, look to automate that with a system that connects online forms to a database or CRM.

Efficiency and Increased Competitiveness

By using eSolutions in your eBusiness plan you will be able to be more efficient in every area of business. For example: Selling online allows customers to make purchases at any time while order information and funds can be automatically transferred into your bank account.

Reduced Errors and Improved Security

If you are currently cutting and pasting any information, receiving information by phone and typing it into a system, the opportunity for errors is quite high. If you use eBusiness solutions much of this will be automated, ensuring that the data is transferred securely, without error and instantly. eSolutions like Cloud data storage also ensure everyone is using the same information. For example: Staff could be wasting time and creating confusion by working on two different versions of a document. Cloud-based file management systems show who is using what document and tracks versions and changes to reduce duplication.

More Customers

Using eSolutions such as eCommerce, eMarketing, Cloud and more ensures that your business is not only being more efficient but is reaching your market more effectively whether they are local or outside your immediate region.

eBusiness Lets You Scale More Effectively

This means that you will be able to retail more products quicker, with less effort while improving profits because you can automate many instances of your business process. Spending less time on each process means you can grow more easily.

Customer Support Effectiveness

By embracing new technology you can provide better solutions for customer service ensuring the expectations of today’s customers are being met and that you are not losing customers to competitors. You can use a variety of eBusiness tools to ensure your customers are engaged, happy, and will return to buy from you again. See Customer Support module.

Business-to-Business Effectiveness

Each business is critical when you are doing business-to-business retail sales. It ensures that you are reaching all the potential vendors and partners that will optimise your business. Ensure, once you have established a relationship, that you can continue to effectively sell and maintain that relationship.


Supply-chain management is critical in today’s online world to ensure that you are effectively managing your consumer expectations, partner requirements and much more.

Product Development Teams

Using eBusiness techniques like CRM and other online tools will ensure that your salesforce has all the information they need throughout their team and for management to sell, provide support for, engage new sales with customers.