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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will identify the eBusiness strategies that are relevant to their business.[printfriendly]

mod-arrow eBusiness Plan

What eSolutions are to be implemented?


Selling Online Cloud
Security Telework
eMarketing Customer Support
Rich Media Business-to-Business
Business Intelligence eBusiness

What are your goals for using an eSolution?


(How will you measure success)?

Go to that eSolution module within this website to review benefits, functionality and visit the resource section to find information on solutions, templates, work plans, and other reference material.

Using the resources, research possible eSolutions providers based on the functionality you require, budget, capacity and your goals.

  • Choose 3 possible eSolutions.
  • Create a list of your requirements (based on getting started and ROI) and demo the 3 eSolutions.
  • Make note of the functionality, against what you require, cost vs. budget, capacity (What is the complexity or system? ┬áCan you staff manage it?).
  • A basic excel spreadsheet with your requirements and questions and columns to rank each provider, is a good tool in this process.
  • Based on functionality, pricing and return on investment select one eSolution to implement.
  • Determine if you have in-house capacity to implement the eSolution yourself or whether a request for proposals is required to hire a 3rd party support person.

Outline your work plan to implement eSolutions including:

  • Purchase of the solution
  • Training on a solution
  • Testing of the solution
  • Deployment of eSolutions
  • Business intelligence to measure whether goals are being met that should be in place and monitored

Determine the time line to analyse results of eSolution performance on your operation (see Business Intelligence) and;

If required adjust the eSolution platform and/or policy/procedures around use of the eSolution until goals are achieved.