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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will understand how they can use eMarketing strategies to sell products and services online. [printfriendly]

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australia tacticsAdditional content that supports company eMarketing activities include blogging, press release (PR) distribution, news items and feeds.

Blogs:  A contraction of the term “web log,” a blog is a rolling chronological online presence in which the owner posts updates, stories, media etc.

Why blog?:  Blogs must have content that is updated frequently and the search engines generally like this, giving blogs better rankings than static websites. If blogs are not regularly updated they will not attract a following of search engines or readers. Articles posted in your blog can also be reused in social media, newsletters, etc. Use your keywords in every blog to improve SEO (search engine optimisation).

Cost:  Blog platforms are free and come with many website builder templates. The most popular blog platform, WordPress, can be used to make a website and/or blog site and offers useful apps to add to your blog for enhanced features, such as SEO optimisation.

Click here to see blog reviews, tools and best practice articles.


Press Release distribution (PR)

PR: A press release is an article you write about your company, product release, or other newsworthy event hoping that news media will republish it or contact you for more information.

PR distribution: Distribution is typically conducted through 3rd party online services that provide feeds of news and PRs to print and/or online news organisations as well as other websites and feeds. These services offer content in a format that allows other sites and services to add your PR to their websites easily thus boosting their content and value. Many businesses also publish their press releases on their own websites on a special page or with other “in the news” items for that purpose.

Why use PR distribution services?:  3rd party services are specialised in brokering content to other websites, news services and servers. The distribution network they have is far greater than one that can be developed by most companies independently.

Cost: Can be free or paid services. Click here to see reviews of PR services in the resource page.

Other Content

Other online content could also include:

  • Placing your product/brand on “review” websites and “coupon” websites
  • RSS feeds that allow people to be notified when your website content changes
  • Listings of news articles where your company or products have been covered in various news media
  • Publishing your own articles on topics of interest on your website and/or other websites related to the topic. For example, an article on how to choose the best bicycle for your needs. This implicitly promotes your business by demonstrating your knowledge of a related topic and can be referenced in your blog and through social media.