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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will understand what Rich Media is and how retailers are using it to sell their products and services. [printfriendly]

mod-arrow Benefits

Product Knowledge and Engagement 

For product knowledge, Rich Media stimulate different physiological responses and behaviors that can be leveraged to help a customer confidently choose the right products online.

For retail purposes this can be applied to developing product knowledge for customers, vendors and more. Media characteristics affect the structure, formation, and modification of mental models. They can serve buying needs in a productive useful way. In addition, Rich Media stimulate learner’s senses in a way that makes learning more compelling. Using Rich Media, today’s customer’s needs are better served.

Advantages How does this help? Why is it important?
Educating the customer / product knowledge. Use of Rich Media, like video, interactive images, reviews, customer generated media, “how-to-videos”, all help the customer understand more about the product. It provides competitive advantage to your retail environment, over a static website, by helping the customer recognise the benefit of the product.
Engaging the customer in
understanding how the product
will work specifically for them.
A personalised shopping
experience has been proven to help shoppers convert to buyers.
Closing a sale online is a critical first step of the online sales process and Rich Media can support this.
High level of interactivity. Rich Media websites are more interactive, thus it boosts the interaction possibilities with potential customers. Enrich your website with different types of interactive messages like, animation, audio messages, video messages and many more. You can draw the interest of potential customers by directing them to Rich Media websites which are highly interactive and provides a better user experience.
Significant promotional material can be included in a Rich Media advertisement – both time-wise and space-wise. As compared to other marketing media, a Rich Media website provides enough space to include promotional material in videos, photos, audio messages and many more such different formats. Customers get the best out of this in terms of the amount of information in one place. This helps to save time and effort for the customer to quickly make a decision.
Better tracking capabilities. With Rich Media websites, you can keep track of the statistics of the customers. For example, number of customers visiting a particular video message. Keeping track helps you to identify the need of the customers and accordingly plan your next step. For example, you can include more animated messages if they have more traffic than other types of media messages.
Increase revenue and save money. Rich Media websites enable you to provide complete information in an interactive format which engages the customer. This will lead into a result in a possible purchase and increase revenue. With Rich Media websites, you can reach-out to your customers globally without too much of expense. So, a rich media website will not only increase your sales but also save your money.
A satisfied customer. With all the features of Rich Media websites a customer gets all the information, saves a lot of time and also has a unique interaction. All these and much more results in a satisfied, confident and a happy customer. A satisfied customer will always come back to the website and also will recommend to other prospects. So, a Rich Media website will help you not only to retain a customer but also to acquire new prospects.

Rich Media Examples

Use of animation (that includes interactivity)
To explain a product, process, event, or procedural task. In addition, the customer can proceed to the next section of the Rich Media platform only when he is successful in responding to a set of questions to help identify the best product.
For example: Shoes: women or mens, shoe type: dress vs recreational, running: trail or road, size etc.

Using Rich Media, advertising has gone to a different level. The main reason is that Rich Media has the capability to engage viewers (in this case, consumers or purchasers). As opposed to a sole animation, the viewers can interact with the advertisement. Rich Media also provides transitional or input-driven graphics/images for more informed purchasing decision.

An Internet advertisement provides a 3D panoramic view of the rooms when the viewer rolls his/her cursor over a web element (e.g., the image of a house). In an eCommerce website for clothing, the viewer can select the color, design, and place on top of mannequin to see how the dress looks. Use of rollovers that allows users to choose different angles and scroll a magnifier to show details of retail items.

In the example below from Birdnest, visitors can search by size and other preferences, clicking on item they can choose “perspective” front, back etc. and click the image to zoom in on details (note the “hand cursor” below) which produces the zoomed image to its right. The platform also suggests items that were popular for shoppers that liked this inventory and have a “complete this look” to up-sell other items.