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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will understand what Rich Media is and how retailers are using it to sell their products and services. [printfriendly]

mod-arrow Get Started

Complete a survey of your current Rich Media strategy and where your business needs the most support. Use the chart below as an idea-generator for where focus may be needed and what type of rich media tools may be applied. Add in your own business focus areas too (ie. HR recruitment – yes you could use Rich Media for that too). Then using this module look at the different Rich Media options and when ready, move on to making the plan. Also make sure that rich media is the right investment for your business needs at this time by reviewing the eBusiness Plan.
What aspect of your business needs support from Rich Media?

Description Rich Media tools
What product
Pick a product that you often say “you have to see this …” or that people need to interact with to buy.
Example: show a bike shock in action.
Once you have picked your product(s), go through the rows below to find Rich Media tool ideas.
Drive customers to your website If you want more visits to the website use your Rich Media in your eMarketing campaign and plan accordingly (see eMarketing module) this can include:  social media, videos, interactive ads and banners.
  1. Social media
  • videos
  • interactive ads
  • roll overs
Customer interaction Rich Media helps bring the client into the environment. Example: showing a house on an app that allows customers to do a self-guided virtual tour.
  1. Videos
  • Location based
    ads & apps
  • Panoramic interactive photos
  • Interactive video
Shopping experience Your online presence should be easy to navigate with clear direction to products, help, shopping and of course resulting in a decision to buy your products!  Location-based Rich Media can help customers find your store, and once on site, find relevant items and promotions while shopping.
  1. Web store
  2. Customer portal
  3. Shopping wizard
  4. Future: virtual fitting
Product knowledge Showing product availability (i.e. in stock), purchase choices (size, color, etc.), product demos using videos and/or free trials and other customer reviews can support product knowledge while instilling buyer confidence. What are the top questions asked by customers/B2B partners and how can you answer them online? Will Rich Media help?
  1. Product videos
  2. Reviews/testimonials
  3. Product wizards
  4. Videos
The sale Make it easy to buy! The customer purchase experience is improved using an easy to understand, secure (see Security module), quick checkout. Getting more revenue per customer is aided by allowing your shoppers to add multiple items to a shopping cart before the final checkout. Many online stores also recommend other items they may want to buy (up-sell) based on other buyer experiences.

For more information about the sale see the Selling Online module.

  1. Interactive shopping
  2. Member recognition
    and product
  3. Up-sell mechanisms