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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will understand what Rich Media is and how retailers are using it to sell their products and services. [printfriendly]

mod-arrow Rich Media Plan

For retail businesses, implementing a Rich Media website has become a business decision. The main reason for utilising Rich Media in a retail business’s website is customer engagement, which leads to sales. Rich Media also implements visual merchandising that increases conversions.

Retail businesses must follow a work plan. Whether it is a website for jewelry, clothing, real estate, cars, travel or tourism, implementing Rich Media in a business website is time intensive. Therefore it can be costly and requires detailed planning. For the purpose of this article, consideration is given to building a new Rich Media website.


Complete the Get Started section to determine the Rich Media that is going to be implemented.

  1. Identify the Rich Media.
  2. Set goals for project – describe what the benefits of the Rich Media application will be and measurable goals such as number of views and/or hits to site.
  3. Determine how the goals will be tracked and measured (see Business Intelligence module for methods and tools.)
  4. Create work plan.
  5. Execute work plan.
  6. Measure and adjust, based on performance.
  7. Website launch, once the test is successful.

Requirements for Rich Media implementation


Mobile Strategy

The requirements for Rich Media websites should include a mobile strategy for retail or entertainment websites. The Rich Media in the (desktop) website should also be available in smartphones and tablets. A mobile strategy should facilitate an attractive, graphics-rich website on a mobile device.

Rollover Button

Rollover provides interactivity within a web page between the visitor and the website. Visitors are able to view other graphics/video or animation when the mouse is placed on top of the rollover button.Rollover Button

Good Graphics
Retail websites should use high quality graphics, banners and images. This attracts visitors to the website. The website can also initiate a promotional campaign in attractive banners on the site for users to click on to.
Featured Products
It would be advantageous for retail websites to display featured products on the front page or the side column of the website. This allows the website to inform visitors about top-selling products, sales offers, or general products that the website wants to push forward. The website can show visitors what other products they can purchase alongside what they are currently viewing. The retail website should also provide a zoom feature for product images. With this feature, visitors are able to see details of the products.

eCommerce Catalog Development

Retail websites should encourage using catalogue for product display.

Virtual Tools
Retail websites can take advantage of virtual tools along with 3D panoramic view.

How to ensure success for a Rich Media development project?

The web committee or the project team can ensure success by following a few important steps:

    • Keep regular contact with the web developer and maintain communication throughout the development period.
    • Provide continuous evaluation and feedback.
    • Resolve any potential issues about rich media technology after discussing the correct deliverable requirements.
    • Consider available plug-ins or add-ons when straight forward development is time consuming and costly.
    • Test interactive web elements on all potential scenarios
    • Ensure the web elements meet all the development requirements including launch time.