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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will understand what Rich Media is and how retailers are using it to sell their products and services. [printfriendly]

mod-arrow What is Rich Media?

mmRich Media facilitates a new kind of information delivery or messaging, in the form of digital content. The term “media” in “Rich Media” is an abbreviated version of the term “multimedia.” Multimedia goes beyond traditional text (including printed material). It includes image, audio, and video, and is primarily suited to computer screens and electronic displays.

Multimedia also includes digital content that is recorded in digital format, accessed, displayed and experienced by computers, laptops, smartphones and other electronic data products, known collectively as multimedia devices.

The term “rich” in “Rich Media” goes farther, defining digital content, appropriately suited for the Internet. Rich Media includes interactive web elements that are published online to attract attention and engage the users with certain activities. (For example, asking for input using the keyboard or the mouse).

As online shoppers become more sophisticated, they expect retailers to provide a more engaged shopping experience. Rich Media allows shoppers to experience a product through video or interactive websites that change content based on the visitor behavior (what they like, their profile such as preferences etc.) This module describes how Rich Media provides a better customer experience and can improve your company profits.

Rich Media Examples

Let the robot deliver items directly to the pickup area or a fitting room within 30 seconds. See Case Study One to learn more about Hointer.

Customise your shirt, online, choose the material, the style and size. See Case Study One to learn more about Joe Button.