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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will understand what Rich Media is and how retailers are using it to sell their products and services. [printfriendly]

mod-arrow Why Use Rich Media

The online commerce market is getting busier and online shoppers have increasing expectations of the amount of information and the customisation of how that information is presented.

As statistics show, it has been proven that customers will be more likely to purchase items when they have interacted with rich media such as videos, pop-ups, online shopping wizards, interactive ratings and more.

52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo)

You have invested in creating a retail business to sell products and/or services. This may have included a store (online or bricks-and-mortar), inventory, staff, and marketing and operational elements. All of these investments are in pursuit of revenues and one of the most critical elements of attaining sales is the customer experience and the relationship you have with your potential customers.


  • Do they understand your product and its value to them?
  • Do they trust your brand?
  • Can your customer engage with your brand?
  • Do you make it easy for your customers to make the transition from shopper to buyer?

Rich Media can support customer buying confidence in numerous ways.


Best Practice for a Rich Media Website Design

Business websites, in particular, eCommerce retailers are now using Rich Media tools such as 360-degree panoramic views and interactive photo galleries to increase customer attention and interest. These websites also provide interactivity that responds to the visitor’s actions and initiates engagement with a brand. The main reason for using Rich Media in a website is to deliver the “infotainment” value of the content. Rich Media such as audiovisual story telling in an eCommerce website engages customers with much better experience than print. Engaging visitors increases the ranking of websites, as visitors return frequently to a more engaging and user-friendly website.

  • Use of Rich Media increases visitor engagement. It can also drive improve conversions by using visual merchandising.
  • Focus on Rich Media that provides a complete and immersive customer experience.
  • Include Rich Media that delivers zoom, virtual eCatalogs, and dynamic color swatching.
  • Incorporate rich media that attracts and engages consumers, with searchable and interactive catalogues, enhanced viewing of products, multi-media and interactive web components.
  • Interactive experience to download content increases customer engagement.

Incorporate the following:

  • Hover effects that deliver customer engagement and increase functionality of the website. The implementation can be simple. Only a link is given for simplicity or an object that provides more information when hovered.
  • 3D panoramic view of the rooms (e.g., of a real estate website) when the viewer rolls his/her cursor over a web element (e.g., the image of a house). This increases functionality of the website.
  • Rich Media for a clothing eCommerce website. The viewer can select the color, design, and place on top of a mannequin to see how the clothing looks.
  • High-resolution imagery that produces high-quality results.
  • Incorporate image and media scaling for dynamic bandwidth utilisation.
  • Incorporate visually engaging high impact content that floats over the web pages.
  • Ensure that uninterrupted Rich Media is streamed continuously.