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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will gain an understanding of the different online Security and privacy risks and opportunities to address these. [printfriendly]

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While the media commonly highlights online security and privacy damage caused by hackers, the environment is another common culprit. This can include online data loss or misuse due to environmental conditions such as:
1. Disaster: (flood, fire, storm, etc.) A disaster can affect single or multiple devices, servers and entire networks.

2. Accidents to servers and devices: Devices can be short circuited by a liquid spill or crushed by a motor vehicle.
3. Improper process for device disposal: Much like shredding sensitive documents, devices should be professionally cleaned of any data before being recycled or thrown out.
The best practice for limiting the negative impact on a company experiencing a disaster or accident is a proper plan and backup. Your company will still have to pay to replace the hardware, but if your data is backed up off-site or in the cloud, massive amounts of time and money can be saved. Data can be recovered if you are able to just download your backup files to new devices.

See the Cloud tactic backup resource section for more information on how your company can easily and inexpensively create a backup. A good disaster plan may also include instructions for recovery of devices to ensure that they are dealt with properly by recovery crews.