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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

Learning Outcomes

Retailers will understand the different technology and strategies that can assist their retail businesses to begin or improve selling their products and/or services online. [printfriendly]

mod-arrow Myths and Facts

Common Myths

1. “My products don’t sell online”.

2. “I need to talk to my customers!”



Customers are researching online, and they often do this after hours. They may create a short list of five retail companies to call, for final details, before making a purchase. They will want all the information they can get including price, hours, descriptions, availability, etc. Customer’s time is precious – they will not waste it calling to find out basic information when other retail companies have it online; and the call to them is for final deal closing discussions.

You would be amazed what sells online – One of the main barriers is the cost of the shipping of large items vs. item cost; but even this is subject to the availability of the items and target-market capacity to bear the fee.

There are complex products that still need a level of discussion to establish trust etc. However, a smart online sales person will use this to their advantage. Gather as much information as possible online from the customer, and then talk to the client to get additional information and before closing the sale.

Online tools can save the customer information until they are ready to make their purchase decision – a common example are travel sites where you can save a number of travel itineraries. In other cases, the seller can take a deposit and tell the customer to login at their convenience to enter more information related to their purchase. This saves time for the customer and the seller time, is more convenient, reduces data entry errors, and more.