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The right Telework strategy can improve overall company productivity. How?

As a business owner you have many tasks at hand every minute of the day. Some of these are:

  1. High value and only you can complete.
  2. Tasks that could be done by others.
  3. Tasks that have to be done by others as you do not have capacity and/or skill set to complete them.

It is in the area of tasks 2 and 3 where a Teleworker may provide productive solutions. These tasks may take away from your ability to perform the critical #1 tasks that should be your focus.

A Teleworker can complete these tasks for you in a flexible on-demand fashion allowing you to be more productive and to grow your company. The relationship with the Teleworker in these scenarios can be flexible and on-demand as you need them or you may choose to create an ongoing relationship with the Teleworker to complete certain levels of tasks for your company in an ongoing fashion.

Virtual assistants are a growing trend as Teleworkers who complete task #2 type of work, dealing with smaller yet time consuming tasks such as research, documentation, data entry and more.

Telework specialists can be contracted to complete #3 level tasks with their expertise, freeing you from having to learn new technologies and skill sets. These solutions can boost the productivity of your retail business.

Pros and cons of a full-time worker model