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mod-arrow Is Telework Right For You?

The questions “Is remote employment going to work for my company?” or “Is remote employment going to work for me as a worker?” are very common and relevant.

Teleworking requires a company culture and worker/management mindset which can be developed and supported by a number of methodologies, practices and tools. The decision to engage or expand Telework is a business decision like any other. Here are some tips and resources to help you make your decision.

Top 5 Considerations for the worker

Work type: The nature of your work should be effectively executed in a Telework environment.

Personal work needs: Telework changes the dynamics of self-motivation, engagement, inclusion, social interaction, etc.

Employer interaction: Needs sufficient level of interactions for supervision and support.

Infrastructure: The right technology is needed to work effectively – Internet connectivity, hardware, software.

Your cost of work: Telework has cost benefits – travel, time, clothes, childcare and equipment.

Top 5 Considerations for the employer

Culture: Introducing Telework can change, or be influenced by, existing working relationships and the culture of the workplace. Prepare to make sure it is a positive change and not disruptive.

Workplace structure: Policies and procedures may need to be modified for Telework arrangements, in particular for security and supervision. Client and operational needs: Teleworking is not appropriate for all roles, such as client-facing roles that must be on-site or production-type roles in manufacturing.

Infrastructure: Effective Telework requires the infrastructure (devices, cloud applications, etc.) that enables a Teleworker to operate as effectively as colleagues in the office environment.

Return on investment: Understand your goals, e.g. cost savings, productivity, access to resources, etc. and evaluate the cost-benefits.

Calculate your own personal ROI

The National Australian Telework site offers many useful resources that can be used for your retail business such as the ROI calculator. This online tool can calculate your business’s expected Return On Investment (ROI) for adopting Telework, which is extremely valuable in creating your Telework strategy.