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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

mod-arrow Trends

The trend for 2015/16 will be the continued increase in remote working by employees. The Harvard Business review reported by the end of 2015 40% of the world’s workforce will be a remote.


What is driving Telework?

The growth of Telework is being supported by a number of factors.

Devices and infrastructure

Devices and infrastructure: Devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets together with broadband infrastructure and new applications are making Telework much more achievable and productive.


  • Instant and secure access to work data
  • Cloud computing
  • Broadband or hi-speed Internet
  • Remote access devices
Business/worker benefits

Business/worker benefits: Both employees and employers can benefit from Telework options.


  • Retain and attract skilled workers
  • Save money and travel time
  • Fewer distractions
  • Individual work environment for employees (family-friendly, etc.)
  • Reduces carbon footprint
Culture and generation

Culture & generation: Employers need to engage with a new generation of workers who are showing a preference for Telework options. Different age groups tend to have different attitudes and skills related to Telework and technology.

Upcoming trends

Other exciting upcoming trends include near field communications, augmented reality, image recognition, location based technology. If you are interested in seeing how these work for retail businesses visit the Case Studies page.