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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

mod-arrow Why Telework?

Every company is different and will benefit from Telework differently.


Leading benefits of Telework include:

    • Access to skill expertise for business operations (rich media, technology, etc.)
    • Reduced employee operating costs
    • Improved employee retention
    • Competitive advantage in a global market
    • Workplace flexibility and improved productivity
    • Reduced carbon footprint
Top 5 motivations for retail companies to adopt Telework

Worker retention: Studies show that workers value workplace flexibility in their top five critical workplace requirements.

Increased HR capacity: Businesses of all types increasingly need workers with specialised skills not available locally.

Increased productivity: Many studies demonstrate that Teleworkers will be more productive with the right support. This relates to time saved in travel as well as decreased distractions.

Increased growth: Bringing on Teleworkers and/or workforce can allow companies to manage uneven workloads and/or facilitate growth requirements.

Saved money: Telework practices can save travel, time, HR retention and effect numerous other bottom line contributions.

Top 5 motivations for workers to adopt Telework

Save money: Telework can reduce the money and time required to commute to and from the traditional workplace. Other economic factors may include adult/child daycare, attire, etc.

No commute: Studies show that workers regard their commute as a loss of wages, expense and a general negative aspect of their work.

Lifestyle: Telework allows for closer contact to family needs, improved personal planning opportunities and customised working environment.

Productivity: Many studies demonstrate that a Teleworker will be more productive with the right support. This relates to time saved in travel as well as decreased distractions.

Flexibility: Telework options may offer workers more flexibility to engage in additional contracts and/or professional development as well as flexible hours. Greater choice in living location (if working full-time) is also a great benefit.

How can your retail business benefit from Telework?

Most aspects of your retail business may be able to benefit from Telework based on your unique model, processes, goals, etc. Here are a few examples of how elements specific to retail can utilise remote work. This is not an exhaustive list rather a sample of how different elements of a retail business can utilise Telework.

Access expertise: Specific skill sets may be required for your retail company during business planning, strategy, etc. A Teleworker can fill this need as a contract, part or full time.

Marketing: Developing retail marketing materials is increasingly complex with rich media, interactive sites, etc. For small retailers capacity to access talent is challenging. Teleworkers may be able to offer the skill set and products you need per project.

Technology: Technical applications can be critical to a retail company whether website, eCommerce, inventory management tools, etc. If your staff lacks capacity a Teleworker may be the solution.

Customer service: Teleworkers can be used to provide customer service from QA, managing review channels, social media posts and more.

Sales channels: Teleworkers can assist with sales in remote areas, manage channels, vendors, online stores and more.

Improve productivity

The right Telework strategy can improve overall company productivity. How?

As a business owner you have many tasks at hand every minute of the day. Some of these are:


  1. High value and only you can complete.
  2. Tasks that could be done by others.
  3. Tasks that have to be done by others as you do not have capacity and/or skill set to complete them.

It is in the area of tasks 2 and 3 where a Teleworker may provide productive solutions. These tasks may take away from your ability to perform the critical tasks that should be your focus.

A Teleworker can complete these tasks for you in a flexible, on-demand fashion allowing you to be more productive and to grow your company. The relationship with the type #1 Teleworker in these scenarios can be flexible and on-demand as you need them or you may choose to create an ongoing relationship with the Teleworker to complete certain levels of tasks for you company in an ongoing fashion.

Virtual assistants are a growing trends as Teleworkers who complete task #2 type work, dealing with smaller yet time consuming tasks such as research, documentation, data entry and more.

Telework specialists can be contracted to complete #3 level tasks with their expertise freeing you from having to learn new technologies and skill sets. These solutions can boost the productivity of your retail business.