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The Digital Business Kit for Retailers

mod-arrow Worker Perspective

“Workers” can include employees, contractors, freelancers and other individuals entering fee-for-service work that will be completed, in part, from a remote location.


This could be:

  • Workers already Teleworking
  • Workers who are currently not Teleworking but are researching Telework opportunities and/or are preparing a proposal to Telework for an employer
  • Contractors and freelancers

Why consider Telework?

Telework can offer you many benefits as an employee or contractor such as time and money savings via reduced travel, living location costs and flexible hours etc. Telework also provides access to international jobs click here for outsource options.

Options for working remotely

There are local and international opportunities to become engaged in Telework. As a worker you can also list your services on websites such as www.elance.com or www.odesk.com. These are two of the leading Telework and/or outsource websites.

The accompanying video describes how work is posted, completed and paid on a system like Odesk.